The data format supported by for downloading is the ISMRM Raw Data Format (ISMRMRD).

ISMRMRD is stored in HDF5 format. Within the HDF5 file, data is stored under the group /dataset. Scan parameters are stored in the variable /dataset/xml in XML configuration and the data array is stored in /dataset/data. For more detail, we refer you to the ISMRMRD website, and paper.

Functions and examples to read and write ISMRMRD files in Matlab and Python can be found here:

Batch downloading requires user login. Once logged in, ISMRMRD links for batch download will appear at the top of the page for each search. One way to download all the data files is to save the links into a text file (e.g. links.txt), and use the command: cat links.txt | wget -i


Uploading requires user login. supports uploading ISMRMRD files, raw array data files in CFL or RA file format, and vendor specific data files from GE, Philips, and Siemens. Since we use ISMRMRD, only versions of data files supported by ISMRMRD are supported by If your dataset is not currently supported for ISMRMRD conversion, we encourage you to extract the raw complex arrays, and upload it as a CFL or RA file.

Once uploaded, data files are converted into ISMRMRD in the background. Parameters, such as matrix size, resolution, and TE/TR, are automatically extracted from the vendor specific files. Thumbnails are created automatically by extracting the center slices.

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